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New Mexico Thunder Storms

Sitting in Nob Hill, we notice the wind has picked up. The street is filled with moving debris, swirling into churning collections of leaves, dirt, and papers. Tree limbs bend; some break and fall to the ground. Branches litter the streets, the largest blocking traffic. Low-hanging wisps of cloud move rapidly below the dark bubbling […]

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Reputation Management, What it is, How it works, and Why you need to care


In the coming months you will likely hear the term “Reputation Management” pop up quite a bit in my marketing/communication blog posts.   Wikipedia has one of my favorite definitions for the term. Reputation management is the practice of understanding or influencing an individual’s or business’s reputation. It was originally coined as a public relations term, but advancement in […]

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Mental Health Patient Communities

How Mental Health Patients are using Online Communities and Social Networks. I arrived in the mental health community by way of marketing for a local clinic.  I spent the 6 years prior to that living, breathing and marketing all things “web.”   As a result, I have worked with a wide variety of “communities,” but never […]

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A Different View of ADHD

For many with ADHD, the “Disorder” can turn into a strength.   Stephen does an amazing job in this video explaining what life is like for him (and can be for others with ADHD). If you enjoyed this topic you may want to check out this account of handling a ADHD diagnosis.

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Filthy-Fun with Cyclo-Cross

This article was written by Gabe Konrad and originally appeared in the Bicycle Trader Magazine as “Cyclocross: History & What You Should Know”. I have retrieved and republished it here. The article is Gabe Konrad’s Original Work What it is Cyclo-cross is nearly as old as the bicycle itself, and as fresh and full of […]

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Plumbing and SEO in Albuquerque

Having practiced SEO in Riverside for the last 6 years, my SEO techniques have become tailored to a region with 30+ city names (in the inland empire alone).   When you add in Orange County and Los Angeles, I am used to running campaigns targeting dozens of regional terms.  So what happens when you find a region […]

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Elana Hendler – Depth in Two Dimentions

Recently I was lucky enough to catch Elana Hendler in Los Angeles for a quick lunch and peak at her artwork. Elana is an artist who focuses on black and white ink renderings which show depth in a two dementianal space. A quick glance through her portfolio left me with a new view of the ability for […]

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Game day coffee
Best place to watch breaking bad.
How could I leave that cute face this morning!
French press weather
Perfect sat morning meal
Late night snacking at its best
Decoded to give the water color pencils a shot
Ally served up the perfect light fare last night
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