Elana Hendler – Depth in Two Dimentions

Elana-HendlerRecently I was lucky enough to catch Elana Hendler in Los Angeles for a quick lunch and peak at her artwork. Elana is an artist who focuses on black and white ink renderings which show depth in a two dementianal space.

A quick glance through her portfolio left me with a new view of the ability for ink to create strong positive and negative space.  Each rendering shows a different way in which complex shapes can work together to create textures, volume and character.  It was a treat to see her work and meet her.

I found some of Elana Hendlers images online, but if you want to stay up to date with her latest work or find out more, then I suggest you check out her social media presence.

(Elana know’s her stuff when it comes to social media… watch out).
elana_hendler hendler-elanaelanahendler

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